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How You Can Create Recycled Asphalt


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    Recycled Asphalt West Monroe

    How You Can Create Recycled Asphalt

    You have an old asphalt driveway that you want to replace soon but aren’t sure what you’ll do with the old materials. Thankfully, you can create recycled asphalt in West Monroe, LA by working with recycling experts. These professionals will take your old asphalt and transform it into all-new paving materials and may even pay you a little bit of money for your efforts.

    Removing Old Asphalt

    If you have an old driveway that you want to turn into recycled asphalt, you need to start by getting it removed from your home. Typically, this process requires either professional demolition or a few pieces of heavy machinery that you can use to break up the pavement. Focusing on this process is often a tricky one but should, thankfully, not be too hard for you to handle if you are talented.

    The first thing that you have to do is break it apart in any way possible. Some may want to use large sledgehammers to tear it apart, though this can be very tiring and hard to handle. Others may want to use machines, such as jackhammers, to achieve a similar result. The choice is yours but can be made easier if you’re willing to hire professionals to help you out in this step.

    Some recycling companies even have experts on hand who can provide this type of demolition help for those who need it the most. You’ll pay pretty good money to these individuals for this step, though, so make sure that you can fully afford it. Sometimes, you’ll even find some asphalt professionals who will do it for you and pay you because they will get better money for the asphalt.

    Finding a Recycling Center

    Once you have destroyed all of the asphalt on your driveway, you need to find a professional who creates recycled asphalt. Typically, there should be a handful of companies in your area that can handle this demand. Asphalt is a unique material to recycle but is often done by general recyclers, as well. Typically, though, you want to find a specialist who will pay you good money for it.

    Once you have reached out to them, find out how much money they are willing to give you for the asphalt. Some companies may pay more than others for whatever reason. Typically, the fees are about the same, though, so you may just want to find somebody whom you can trust. And when you contact them, you may also want to talk about other types of asphalt that they may recycle.

    For example, some businesses will take old asphalt shingles from homes because these can be very easily recycled and turned into new asphalt. However, others focus specifically on road-based pavement. So you need to make sure that you talk to these experts about this fact before you do any recycling. Doing so can ensure that you get the best results when you try recycling your asphalt. It also ensures that you can hault it properly without running into any complications, either.

    Hauling the Asphalt

    At this point, you’re just about ready to help create some recycled asphalt. However, you’re in a tough situation because you’re going to have to transport all of that heavy material to the recycling experts to ensure that they can handle it for you. This process may seem relatively simple but can be a challenge because of the unique heaviness of asphalt and the challenge of finding a proper transportation option.

    For example, you may have to hire a truck or rent a trailer if you don’t have these vehicles for asphalt transportation. Most of the time, there should be some vehicle available who can handle this for you. You may even need to talk to the recycling experts – often, they have trucks and even people who can load up the waste for you and transport it without charging too much money for the process.

    Don’t forget: when you recycle pavement in this way, you are not only helping yourself but your community as well. So paying that extra bit of money for transport can be useful: sometimes, recyclers just take it out of the money that they would have given you for the asphalt. And you also need to remember that you can use this pavement yourself when you visit the recycler. After all, you’ll need a new asphalt driveway, anyway: why not use recycled materials? The benefits of doing so are very plentiful.

    Buying This Asphalt

    Once you create recycled asphalt, you can also use it to replace your old driveway. That doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily be using the pavement that you just recycled – usually, this material takes some time to prepare – but you will be given capable and robust asphalt that can last for years on your driveway or longer. There are many benefits to getting this type of pavement for your home, ones you may not expect.

    For example, recycled pavement is often more reliable than new types because it has a myriad of unique, organic materials spread throughout its surface. These fibers are designed to make your pavement more reliable and more flexible, which helps to protect it from a myriad of wear and tear problems. In this way, you may get even more time out of this asphalt than you would all-new types.

    Just as importantly, recycled pavement helps to protect the environment by decreasing the amount of oil needed to manufacture it. And high-quality asphalt of this type is also carefully balanced to make it less brittle and more resistant to high temperatures. In this way, you can get the kind of high-quality asphalt that your driveway needs to stay strong and capable of handling many unique demands.

    We Can Help You Out

    As you can see, the benefits of the best recycled asphalt West Monroe, LA has to offer are quite high. When you recycle pavement, you are giving back to the community, protecting the environment, and also helping yourself save time and money. So if you are interested in working with this type of pavement, please reach out to us at Ark-La-Tex Paving to learn more about how we can help you.


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