Recycled Asphalt Shreveport

Should You Use Recycled Asphalt?


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    Recycled Asphalt Shreveport

    Should You Use Recycled Asphalt?

    Over the years, you’ve heard a lot about recycled asphalt in Shreveport, LA, but have never been able to decide if this paving option is right for you. This confusion is understandable because a large number of people either don’t know about this option or don’t fully grasp its benefits. As a result, it is essential to talk to paving professionals to understand how recycled pavement can help you fully.

    Recycling Saves You Good Cash

    When you are paving your driveway, you likely want to take steps to cut down on the price as much as possible. And who could blame you? There’s no reason that you should spend more money than you need to do when doing any home repair or installation. As a result, we strongly suggest recycled asphalt because it can save you pretty good cash if you install it properly.

    First of all, this recycled pavement is made up of asphalt that has been used on past projects. As a result, it is carefully selected to ensure that it is as secure as possible before recycling. Once it has been recycled, it is then transformed into low-cost paving materials that you can use to handle a broad array of different tasks, including paving your driveway.

    Paving experts usually charge less for this type of asphalt because it has been melted down and reformed from older projects. As a result, it may have less strength than some types of newer asphalt. However, adequately recycled pavement should be more than strong enough to handle the typical load demands put on your pavement over the years.

    Recycling Protects the Environment

    If you care about the environment and the massive demand that building materials put on the world around us, you may want to go with recycled asphalt. That’s because asphalt is made out of oil and is heavily dependent on getting sources either from local professionals or importing it from international groups. As a result, new asphalt uses a heavy load of oil in manufacturing.

    By contrast, recycling asphalt helps to decrease this demand for oil by focusing on using that which is already available in the older pavement. For example, recycling asphalt takes the oil and general materials from the old asphalt and creates all-new pavement that is strong, resilient, and not dependent on foreign oil or any other type during its manufacturing process.

    In this way, you can help protect the environment and keep asphalt out of landfills. After all, what do you think happens to old asphalt that is not recycled? It just sits in a dump and crumbles to nothing. And the precious oil that this asphalt represents goes to waste and could even contaminate the environment around the landfill in its decay.

    Stronger Surface in Many Cases

    Although we previously stated that some recycled asphalt is weaker than new types, that fact is generally not the case when it is properly manufactured. That’s because recycling experts work hard to increase the strength of their asphalt and make it more long-lasting than other types. They handle this process by adding new mineral fillers and organic fibers to the pavement.

    What is the purpose of these filler materials? They naturally increase the strength of the asphalt by adding extra support to its content. They also help to decrease the expansion and contraction that can damage many types of asphalt materials. In this way, your driveway is likely to last a lot longer than you might anticipate it would after installation.

    This extra strength not only helps to make your pavement last longer but saves you money as well. After all, you won’t have to add a new driveway nearly as soon as you would with recycled pavement. And the more substantial materials mean that you won’t have to do nearly as much maintenance as is familiar with other types of asphalt.

    Avoids Other Common Issues

    Lastly, good asphalt from recyclers helps to protect you from a myriad of other issues that may develop over time on your driveway. These problems include a problematic range of concerns that can become very persistent and wear down your pavement if you aren’t careful with how you work with them. Thankfully, adding recycled pavement to your home will help here by creating a stronger, more resilient, and safer surface level for your pavement in a multitude of ways that other types of paving options simply cannot provide for your home.

    For example, getting recycled asphalt helps to decrease the demand for aggregate materials. This benefit helps to ensure that items like gravel and stones can go to other types of projects and increase availability. In this way, you can improve your community by making it easier for a large number of people to get the help that they need.

    Even better, recycled pavement is less stiff because of the recycling process and the new fibers installed throughout its surface. As a result, it is much less likely to crack or rut and will last longer as a result. This benefit is significant because it can ensure that you get the high-quality asphalt and driveway that you need to stay strong.

    Get the Great Pavement You Need

    As you can see, the best recycled asphalt in Shreveport, LA can provide your home with the fantastic driveway that it deserves. You won’t have to pay nearly as much for this type of material nor will you have to do as many repairs, helping to make your home a less expensive and more enjoyable place to live. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ark-La-Tex Paving to get the help you need for this process.



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