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    Paving Companies Shreveport

    Common Repairs Done by Paving Companies

    Over time, your pavement is going to start suffering from common problems that make it less reliable and more liable to many types of damage. As a result, you’ll need to contact paving companies in Shreveport, LA to get the help that you need. Thankfully, we at Ark-La-Tex Paving can provide your home with the high-quality repairs it needs to keep your driveway secure and protected.

    Surface Repairs – Essential for Many Problems

    When your asphalt or pavement suffers from a surface problem, paving companies typically apply a surface patch to keep it secure and to prevent the spread of other cracks. Typically, these patches are designed as a temporary fix for a problem and as a way of keeping minor concerns from becoming too severe. Usually, it is a good choice if you need to fix a driveway but don’t have the money for a full replacement.

    When getting a surface patch, the contractors typically focus on the top 1-2 inches of the asphalt surface. There is no need to go any more in-depth with this type of repair – and doing so may not even be possible in some circumstances, anyway. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too hard for most homeowners to either apply this patch themselves or pay for an inexpensive professional repair.

    How long will these types of repairs last? Usually, they buy you another two years before you start to see the cracks through the patch. Remember – these surface repairs don’t fix the crack but cover it up to prevent more damage. In this way, they’re a lot like a bandage, but the pavement won’t repair itself the way that the skill will under a dressing. Therefore, you’ll need to think of more extensive repairs.

    Removal and Replacement – Also Known as Peel and Pave

    If your pavement or asphalt suffers from more severe damage that is much more widespread and persistent than a surface crack, it may be time to get a peel and pave repair. This process may also be referred to as removal and replacement by some paving companies. However, it does the same thing – you remove the distressed or damaged areas to create a smooth edge and then cut down to the sub-grade to prepare for replacement.

    At this point, the sub-grade is tested to ensure that it is strong enough to handle the demands of your new driveway. For example, it will need to be strong enough to hold up various types of vehicles and other items that may end up on the driveway. Once this element has been confirmed, the paving experts can lay new asphalt to provide you with the new patch that you need to keep your driveway reliable and secure.

    The huge benefit here is that you entirely replace the damaged pavement in a way that ensures it stays stable. And doing so can extend the life of your driveway by about 10 times more than using patches or other types of surface repairs. You will pay more for this type of repair, though, and if there are more widespread problems on your asphalt, there’s a good chance that you won’t get the benefits you want.

    Full-Depth Repairs – Very Intensive Repair Option

    Although peel and pave can help replace many broken parts of asphalt, there are times when it still isn’t quite right for your driveway. For example, paving companies typically suggest full-depth repairs for those times when the full structure of your asphalt has been damaged. What we mean by this is that the slab itself is not only destroyed, but the base and the sub-grade have also been injured in many different ways.

    As a result, you may need to go beyond the depth of the slab and go to the base, replacing the stones and other elements of the base to make them stronger. Typically, this step is necessary if the base suffers from damage that spreads wildly throughout the asphalt in unexpected ways. And it is also common if the sub-grade or base sits on uneven soil that shifts a lot or which is weaker than you may have anticipated.

    We usually suggest this step if a peel and pave repair didn’t do enough to protect the integrity of your driveway. Unfortunately, this problem is likely to occur if you didn’t take the time to upgrade your pavement and provide it with the protection that is needed to stay strong. We usually find that people don’t take the sub-grade or base seriously enough when this problem develops in their driveway.

    Milling and Paving – A Whole-Lot Repair Method

    All the repairs mentioned above are done by paving companies if damage has been mostly focused on a small or centralized area. However, there s a good chance that many types of damage aren’t going to be so simple to repair and that they may spread throughout the whole of your driveway. When this happens, you’re probably going to need milling and paving to help manage this issue.

    Milling and paving is a process that grinds up layers of your damaged asphalt into smaller chunks to be recycled for use on later projects. Once the damaged areas – or the entirety – of your driveway have been thus handled, you can add a new driveway to keep it stable and secure. All-new pavement – often recycled from other older projects – is then brought in to make your driveway stronger.

    Obviously, this technique is going to be among the most demanding and expensive because of its unique focus on entirely replacing the driveway. As a result, you need to be very confident that the whole driveway needs to go when you attempt this type of repair. However, you may get paid by the asphalt company for your old pavement, so you can offset some of the repair costs in this way.

    You Can Get a Great Driveway

    If you need any of these common repairs, make sure that you contact the best paving companies Shreveport, LA has to offer. Chief among these professionals is Ark-La-Tex Paving. We have years of experience performing these types of repairs and fully understand how they can benefit you. And we’ll also do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of our repairs.


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