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Common Driveway Paving Options


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    Driveway Paving West Monroe

    Common Driveway Paving Options

    Your new home needs the kind of driveway that stands out and captures the attention of others. Thankfully, the best driveway paving in West Monroe, LA can provide you with the great options that you need. The following choices are among the most popular and beautiful that you can integrate on your driveway. Each has advantages and downsides that you must fully grasp before you start.

    Pavers – An Interesting Alternative

    Paver driveways are a very hip option in some areas because they produce a brick-like effect without using real bricks. The stone style that these driveways create is often very stunning and is something that is often quite hard for other types of pavement options to match. This style makes them a great choice if you want people to notice your driveway and walk away with a good impression of it.

    Even better, this type of driveway paving option is surprisingly robust and can last you for a very long with little maintenance. Just how long can you expect this driveway to last? If you install it in your driveway when you are 30 or so, you could be looking at a replacement only by the time you’re around 60-70. And if you perform maintenance steps, this driveway could last even longer.

    Are there any downsides to this type of driveway? Absolutely. Typically, this type of driveway is going to be among the most challenging to install because you have to add individual stones through the full length of its surface. Though this isn’t too challenging when approached intelligently, it is critical to make sure that you don’t underestimate how much work it may take you to do.

    Asphalt – A Popular Option

    We are particularly fond of asphalt driveways and believe that they are one of the top options that you can get for your home. What makes asphalt driveway paving such a smart choice for you? Well, they are excellent protection against cold temperatures. When winter comes, asphalt won’t be near as affected by snow, ice, or freezing temperatures and is much less likely to crack than other types.

    Even better, asphalt naturally absorbs more heat than different types of pavement. As a result, it will melt any snow or ice that does build upon its surface. This benefit means that you won’t have to shovel or ice your driveway nearly as much as you would otherwise. Thankfully, this aspect is something that all asphalt driveways share, which makes them an excellent option for you.

    Are there any drawbacks to this type of pavement? Well, that natural temperature absorbency can backfire in the summer by making your driveway more prone to heat-related damage. Thankfully, sealants and other types of products can prevent or mitigate this issue. Make sure that you seal this driveway every 3-5 years to ensure that you get the most out of its surface protection.

    Brick – Old-Fashioned But Memorable

    Many homeowners go for brick when choosing their driveway paving option. Why is this such a popular option for many people? The old-fashioned style that it represents often appeals to those who want a more modest or rural look for their home. That type of natural elegance is something that you just can’t fake and is something that many homeowners crave in their house.

    And bricks also impact the sale value of your home quite heavily, in ways you might not expect. That look that you love so much on your brick driveway? Other potential homeowners are likely to want that same look for their house. As a result, you can increase the cost of your home without worrying about too many people complaining that you are overcharging for it.

    Unfortunately, brick also has some considerations that you need to take into mind that may not be perfect for your needs. First of all, brick is usually relatively expensive and requires occasional maintenance to keep them secure. And bricks may also be harder to repair, depending on the problem, which could increase the maintenance cost a little further and make them less appealing to you.

    Concrete – A Favorite for Many

    Lastly, you may want to consider concrete for your driveway paving. This option has become very popular over the years and remains consistently in-demand for many in the area. That’s because it is among the least expensive yet most reliable options that you can find. Many people are shocked to discover that concrete will last them for as long as it does, while costing much less than other options. In this way, concrete is usually suitable for those on a budget or those who want to make sure that they don’t spend too much on their pavement choices.

    Just as importantly, concrete is perfect for hot-weather areas, such as West Monroe, which makes it a reliable option. It resists hot temperatures very well and doesn’t crack in these conditions. And if you seal or paint the surface properly, there is a good chance that you could provide years of protection that you might not be able to get from other types of pavement choices near you.

    The problems with concrete aren’t too severe but must be understood before you make this choice. First of all, concrete is not among the most long-lasting options if you don’t perform regular maintenance. While good concrete can last for decades or so with support, it may crack very quickly without it. That’s because it is very prone to damage from cold weather and may become quite brittle.

    Don’t Neglect Your Driveway

    As you can see, the best driveway paving West Monroe, LA has to offer varies depending on many different factors. If you are interested in these types of pavement – mainly asphalt – you should contact us at Ark-La-Tex Paving right away. We can provide you with the kind of asphalt driveway that your home deserves and which will last for years, providing strength and protection.


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