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Why Asphalt Paving is Good for Your Home


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    Asphalt Paving West Monroe

    Why Asphalt Paving is Good for Your Home

    Debating the various types of pavement options for your home can be an annoying pasttime that may cause more distractions than anything. As a result, you need to make sure that you fully understand the benefits of the best asphalt paving in West Monroe, LA. Doing so can help you get a better feel for why you may want to consider this type of pavement for your home and your driveway.

    Very Durable for Your Driveway Needs

    When people choose asphalt paving for their home, they usually depend on the natural density and dependability of this material to keep their driveway strong and resilient. That’s because asphalt is among the strongest and most capable of withstanding various types of damage for years on end. This benefit is critical to consider because homeowners often need driveways that last for decades.

    Thankfully, asphalt is not subject to much surface flaking and can be resilient even if improper mixes cause the asphalt to be a little wetter than average. That’s because asphalt is naturally so strong that even minor mistakes in preparation can be either ignored or fixed with little issue. This benefit is critical for those who want to keep their driveways durable and long-lasting for years to come.

    The only concern you’ll have to take into mind when adding this type of driveway is making sure to seal the surface every 3-5 years. That’s because asphalt must be protected from some kinds of weathering elements to avoid complications. Thankfully, it is usually quite easy to perform this sealing and shouldn’t be too complicated for you or others to handle.

    Lower Maintenance Needs and Costs

    As a homeowner, you probably want to add a driveway that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to manage. This need is very understandable and is something that you can easily avoid by getting asphalt paving. That’s because this type of pavement – particularly when compared to options like concrete – needs far less maintenance and is usually able to withstand wear and tear more easily.

    For example, the type of painting and sealing that you need to do almost every year for some kinds of pavement is simply not necessary for asphalt. We already mentioned the 3-5 year sealing schedule that you need to follow. Thankfully, this is usually the only type of repairs and maintenance that you need to perform on your driveway to keep it secure and resistant to various kinds of severe damage.

    Other than that, you usually don’t have to do many other upgrades to your pavement through the years. Yes, you may have to patch cracks and different types of damage that may occur from time to time. Thankfully, these repairs and usually quite minor and don’t cost a lot of money. That doesn’t mean you may not need to do some replacement at some point but often not for a long time.

    Fast Installation Speed

    If you are building a new home or just want a driveway fast, asphalt paving is a great option. That’s because it is among the fastest and easiest types to install. In most cases, you can probably finish this project in one or two days. Smaller driveways may finish up in an afternoon and need only a day or so to thoroughly dry and cure. You can then park on it and use it after sealing the surface.

    As a result, this makes asphalt an excellent choice for those who just want to get their driveway done and over with as quickly as possible. Even if you have a more massive driveway, there’s still a good chance that it won’t take more than two days to finish the material installation. And once this step is completed, it should take only another couple of days for the driveway to cure and be ready to use.

    Compare this quick finishing and curing time to other types of driveways. For example, concrete can take twice as long to pour and up to a week to fully cure, depending on the size of the project. And while bricks and pavers don’t need a lot of curing time, it will take much longer to lay each segment. While those types of driveways all have advantages that make their slower installation time less of a problem, those who want a driveway now should go with asphalt.

    Downsides to Keep in Mind

    Although asphalt paving is one of the best options for your home and provides the kind of high-quality benefits that you deserve, there are a few drawbacks. For example, remember how we mentioned the way that it could protect your driveway from cold weather problems? Unfortunately, it is not as good in hot temperatures. It may soften up slightly and get damaged or dented if you aren’t careful.

    Thankfully, sealing the surface of your driveway can protect against this problem and keep your driveway secure and protected. However, there are other considerations that you must take in mind when getting asphalt. For example, the surface can also get hot during the summer in a way that may be uncomfortable. Just think of an asphalt parking lot at your local mall to get an idea of this issue.

    And if there are any problems with the sub-grade or base of your asphalt, you’re likely to get potholes or other more severe types of damage throughout the driveway. While these issues are possible with different types of driveway, you’ll probably notice it more often on asphalt if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, as mentioned, your maintenance needs here are minimal.

    How We Can Help You

    As you can see, the best asphalt paving in West Monroe, LA can give you the help that you need to keep your driveway secure and protected. As a result, it is essential to contact us at Ark-La-Tex Paving right away to learn more. We specialize in many types of pavement options, mainly asphalt, and will take many steps to ensure that you get the high-quality driveway that your home needs.


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